The idea was born on a trip to America with some Hungarian friends together, where an African hanging chair was transformed.
In the summer of 2000, four young and not one bit sober friends enjoys the sea at San Diego: Jack, Tibi, Zsolti, Lauren.
It makes them so exhausted, they try to relax in a local bar in the company of some Margarita cocktails.
They noticed that besides the classic floor pillows, the place also has several objects for the same purpose, hanging from the ceiling.
They immediately let themselves into them.
But the relaxation doesn’t last...
The boys realize they cannot stay still, they niggle and squirm in their seat.
It isn’t as cozy as it seemed.
In the following hours, the friends make drawings in the hall of their hotel...
The day after they reconsider the ideas and the drawings soberly and well-rested.
It becomes obvious that they want to finish what they started.
One of the boys, Jack, has a hanging chair of African origin.
After returning to Hungary they compare the own ideas with the chair.
After long hours of planning, the blend of their drafts and the African hanging chair gives the final concept, which gives the basis of manufacturing the first piece.
The chair does better than expected, so the friend decide to start the mass production.
In 2000, one of them, Zsolti, founds a company and they begin to sell the product in our sweet home Hungary, as well as in the United States.
He is in the hanging chair business until April 2007, when due to personal reasons (two beautiful and healthy newborns arrive to the family), his life takes another direction.
It is then when we establish ZeroGravity Manufacturer Kft., which keeps the good reputation and flawless quality of the product, and also the goal to accompany comfort with health ever since.
We aimed to keep up to their proven sales techniques.
Besides online selling we represent ourselves on several national and famous international events, for promoting and selling ZeroGravity hanging chairs.
The relationship between us and the founder of the parent company is close and friendly since the beginning.
We ask for their opinion and experience before every development.
This type of hanging chair practically reached its climax, there’s nothing more to improve or add really.
We keep the interest for our product by accessories, stands and everlasting quality.

On customer requests we aim to develop similar products. 
One of these is the miniZG, specifically designed for small children, which is just coming off the drafting board. 
Before too long these mini chairs can be installed to your wall or ceiling! :)