Tips for using

The UV- and water resistant feature allows you versatile use of the product.
Besides the tips in the “Recommendation” menu, the sky is the limit.
Attentive configuration of the securing is essential.
The chair is basically designed for ceiling installation, the package includes the basic kit for securing to beam or ceiling.
(Package content: SX16 Fischer dowel, ceiling eyebolt, small hook, big hook)
Apart from these, other securing items and tools can also be found in our web shop.
In case of problematic, unclear situation, please seek expert advice!

Alternative solutions for hanging

If you prefer to avoid drilling the beam where the chair will be hung on, use a strap or securing rope for fixing.
Securing rope is necessary as the chair’s carrier rope cannot endure friction.
This way the hanging system will spare the beam and the hanging will be mobile.
In case the quality of the ceiling prevents hanging (e.g. false ceiling) we do recommend the use of plate system as an option.
If the above-mentioned solutions are not working, try to use wall mounting.
Especially useful when there’s exceedingly big distance between the ceiling and the false ceiling or the plate system cannot be applied.
Before installing, make sure the wall quality allows the mounting!
For outdoor use, we have a special solution working on the basis of a cooking tripod.
In case you have a larger area available and you wish to hang more chairs, we’d suggest you to use our stand for four.
This has 3x3 m basic area and 2,4 m height.

If you wish to purchase a custom stand or stand system we'll sort it out for you!

Contact us for help!