To whom do we recommend it?

Well, to everyone, we could say and we say indeed!
For those who want to take a break...
Whether you do physical or mental work, resting 15 minutes in this chair equals at least 2
cups of coffee.
The right position is a key to rest well.
This angle allows your entire body to relax, no weight applies on the spine or on the waist.
For those who wish to recover...
We recommend you this wonder chair if, or rather especially if you have a sore back or waist.
We have received numerous feedback from our customers on how ZG changed their
everyday lives.
In case you have circulation problems, the more it is suggested to use ZG as taking its 
position spares the heart from gravity.
Think about it!
While standing, your heart pumps the blood downwards and absorbs it from below. 
But when laying in a horizontal position, your ticker works just like a boxer engine, so your blood supply stays optimal.
Thanks to the ergonomic design of the chair, you can easily get out without assistance.

For breastfeeding mothers...

Highly recommended to pregnant ladies having as severe waist sore as big tummy. 
Even 10 minutes rest is pleasantly relaxing.
And when the little bundle of joy arrived, it will be a relief to breastfeed in this chair. 
After burping, you can put the baby in it for some napping too. 
They love it, and what’s the most important, they cannot fall out of it! :)
We wish to point out again that getting out of the chair without assistance is more than easy.
All the above-mentioned facts are based on experience, feedback and medical opinion!

Perfect accessory for outdoor activities!

Ideal for hiking in the woods, fishing or hunting.
Possible to install onto the boom of a sail. (For anchored sails, secure onto the boom set sideways.)
Can be also installed on trees with the use of appropriate tools.
The chair’s carrier rope cannot endure friction.
If it is to be hung onto a non-ZG hook, use of our strap or a suitable rope is required.
hanks to its great carrying capacity, it's a brilliant idea for intimate moments too! ;)
Turn to each other and everything will find its right place...

Apart from the above mentioned, there are countless other option to use: for reading, listening to music, watching a movie, knitting, crocheting, watching the game, having a beer/wine, instead of studying, letting your imagination run free ;), making plans, annoying neighbors, if your woman put you out, smoking in the yard... umm, if I forgot something, I'll let you know.

And when not in use, it’s ideal for hanging wet clothes! :)

Giving or getting as a present 

Ideal gift for weddings, graduations, birthdays - the success is guaranteed!